I had the opportunity to return to The Place and share the bridesmaid trends Whit, Karlee, and I shared in August. After watching the segment, I really wish I would have tried harder to style my hair! Oh well, what can you do? Watch the segment here.  I’ve been 3 other times, but always by myself.  It was so much more fun to have friends there with me!  Plus, it got me to finally take to pictures there. The photos are all from my iphone, so the quality isn’t the best.

IMG_1459 IMG_1476
We definitely had cute models!
Bridesmaid dress segment

Thanks to Whit and Karlee for the collaboration, and all of the models, including my little sister, Sabrina.


PS: On another note, on Jane right now, you can get a ton of really cute graphic tees for $9 each! I’m definitely going to jump on that and thought you might want to too!