Tips and Tricks for Washing Hair Once a Week featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Kara Metta | Great advice for how to get away wish washing your hair once a weeks. Saves so much time and money because you won't go through your shampoo and conditioner as fast.Yes, you read that right. I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week.   Chances are you have already caught on to the no-wash trend.  If it’s new to you , let me be the first to say that it’s not as gross as it sounds; and it’s actually good for your hair to not be constantly washing it.

Here are just a few reasons why I personally wash my hair once a week:

  • shampooing can really dry out your hair
  • if you blow dry and style your hair after every wash,  the more washing = the more damage
  • the natural oil our scalp produces is actually good for the health of our hair and scalp
  • you save time not having to wash and style hair as much
  • you save money by using less hair washing products
  • hair that is a little “dirty” is generally easily to style and more voluminous in my experience

Because I’ve been washing my hair once a week for a while, there’s really not a huge difference between the freshly washed hair and the day 6 hair.

Tips and Tricks for Washing Hair Once a Week featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Kara Metta | Tips for washing your hair only once a week without looking dirty
The photo collage above is 100% truthful. I washed my hair October 21st. The day after, the first photo above, was taken October 22nd. I took a picture each day, everyday, until the final picture, which was taken October 27th. The 3rd day, I happened to throw in my hair extensions. That was also the 1960s shoot.  As you can see, washing your hair once a week doesn’t mean you have to deal with gross looking hair in between washes.

I recommend the following steps to help you get away with washing your hair once a week:  

  1. Use dry shampoo (I love Batiste, but you can also use baby powder) starting on the 2nd or 3rd day, helps with oil and leaves a great scent
  2. Use leave-in conditioner on the ends when they start getting a little dry again
  3. Don’t touch your hair with you hands during the day as much as possible
  4. Brush  at night and in the morning to help distribute any natural oil and any extra dry shampoo.

Recently, I’ve been using a new brush which makes me feel more confident wearing my hair down throughout the entire week. In the past, it was always in a ponytail or braid by the end.  But since I’ve been using Goody’s Clean Radiance Brush from Walmart, I feel great just leaving my hair down.  The brush is pretty cool because it has copper bristles that not only make the brush look pretty, but help to reduce build up, making hair look more radiant and shiny (disclaimer: based on consumer usage and perception study).  The brush also has a cushioned pad that makes it gentle on the hair as you brush.  I love that the bristles are nice and stiff because I always end up using it to massage my scalp, which has been linked to help stimulate hair growth and health.  It’s also affordable, so you can’t go wrong.

Tips and Tricks for Washing Hair Once a Week featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Kara Metta

If you wash your hair everyday right now, I recommend building up to a week gradually by starting with every other day instead.  I have found that the less I wash my hair on a regular basis, the less oil it produces on a daily basis.  I also have two slight advantages being that I highlight my hair, which makes it a little dry, and I live in a dry desert climate.  In the humidity, like when I lived in Dallas, I usually washed my hair 2 times a week instead of once.

Working out can affect it too.  I usually work out 2-4 times a week, so I try to schedule the hardest work out for the day I’m washing my hair.

I’ve found that as it gets closer and closer to wash day, my hair gets bigger and bigger in volume from the dry shampoo.  Sometimes this makes a great foundation for some fun hairstyles.  You can see the volume change below with zero backcombing required (which I like to avoid because it can lead to breakage fast).

Tips and Tricks for Washing Hair Once a Week featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Kara Metta | What it's like only washing your hair once a week.

How often do you wash you hair? Do you have any advice or tips about washing your hair once a week? I’d love to hear them :)
Thanks Acorn and Goody for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!


All the opinions in this post about washing your hair once a week are my own.