DIY Maxi Dress Sewing Tutorial featured by top US sewing blogger, Kara Metta.

Nichole and I met just after we graduated high school, during the summer before our freshman year of college. Due to a shared sense of quirkiness and a fond appreciation for random dance parties, we immediately became best friends. So when Nichole told me she was engaged, I was positively thrilled. Soon after, we began looking for bridesmaid dresses. She wanted navy dresses that were simple and elegant, but also long and affordable. The length was especially important because her ring ceremony was going to be outside in November. After scouring the internet, we couldn’t find anything that met all her requirements. Because she only had two bridesmaids, I felt confident in offering to make the dresses myself. We ended up spending just over $25 a dress. My favorite part is that they were long enough that I was able to wear fleece-lined leggings during the outdoor ceremony.

I made up the pattern using some sleeve and bodice pieces from other patterns as guides. Here are the final pieces I used for this DIY maxi dress.

 DIY Maxi Dress Sewing Tutorial featured by top US sewing blogger, Kara Metta.
I used knit fabric that Nichole and I picked out together. We liked that it has a sheen to it that made it feel more formal than the average knit. It was a little sheer, so I lined the bodice with another navy knit to ensure no peek-a-boo affect in the pictures. Using a lining also helps with making a smooth neckline. See how I did it below.

**To create all of the pieces for this DIY maxi dress, I used similar items of clothing from my own closet, cutting them a little larger to give me extra room just in case.  To see how to do this, watch this video. **



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