VidAngel allows you to rent movies for only $1 that you can also edit to your personal standards.A little while ago I shared that my husband and I had used VidAngel to watch a less-violent version of American Sniper.  Immediately friends flooded me with questions about it.  We have been using VidAngel since May and have streamed over 30 videos with it.

Here’s how VidAngel works:

1. Movies are filtered by viewers who tag different items like swear words, nudity, and violence. (Kind of like they do on Kids-in-Mind)

2. When you buy a movie, you set the filters to whatever you want.  You can remove specific swear words, different violent scenarios, even immodest appearances.  You can also watch the movie as-is if you prefer.

3. This does not break copyrights because when you “buy” the movie, you have the right to edit it.  When you are done watching, you simply sell it back by clicking “sell back.”  All movies are only $1 a day for standard definition (SD), you can get them in high definition for $2, but we’ve always been fine with the SD quality.  We always buy the movies right before we watch them, then after we are done watching them, we click “sell back” and that’s it.  If you forget, it’s just a dollar a day, there are no crazy jumps in the price.

*You can also use the automatic sell back feature that sells the movie back after 24 hours no matter what (I would still double check though just to be safe because it is a new feature.)

More information straight from VidAngel:

“What is VidAngel? VidAngel is a streaming service that allows customers to filter potentially objectionable content out of their movies and TV shows. Each movie and show costs only $1 after sellback. The customer buys the movie for $20 (because ownership of the movie is necessary in order to legally filter the content) and then within 24 hours, VidAngel buys it back for $19…

After watching a movie, customers can cancel their accounts at any time. It is our job to earn their loyalty.”

Avoid moments like this by using VidAngel

Avoid moments like this by using VidAngel

We love it because it allows us to keep tabs on what is said and shown in the things we watch, which is nice since we have tender ears and eyes around here.

We also love that we don’t have to go and pick up a Redbox, we can just stay in.  Sometimes we even plug our computer into our TV so we can watch it on the larger screen.   And the movie selection is amazing!  They have ALL OF THE STAR WARS available right now.  We already watched the original 3 this last month and a half.  And they are only $1 each, the best deal you can get right now!  New movies are also available sooner than in Redbox because transportation and quantity aren’t factors.


In the last month, we have used VidAngel to watch the following movies (you’ll notice Age of Adaline is on there twice because Michael fell asleep the first time we watched it).

VidAngel movies watched in the last month

Safe to say, we watch a lot of movies :)

This is not a sponsored post.  I was not paid to write this, but this does contain affiliate links to
VidAngel at no additional cost to you.  I simply love this product, as does my family, so I’m passing it on to you :)

Go check them out! I leave you with their commercial.