Holiday gift ideas that utilize all the pictures you keep taking :)

Now that we live in such a digital age, we have access to everything at the touch of a keyboard.  It only takes a quick search through our computer files to find the different images we have saved.  Because of this, we often upload, and then, forget about our photos.  Gone are the days of scrapbooking and ordering extra copies for your friends when you get your film developed.  And while our images may get more screen time on social media pages, that’s often the only time they are seen.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and have been trying to get more use out of my photos.  Thanks to Staples, I’ve found some really fun and creative ways to get more use of those photos that also make great Christmas gifts.

DISCLAIMER: If you are a grandparent to my kids, this post contains Christmas spoilers!

My favorite thing is this puzzle I made for my in-laws with our family photo from our trip in August.

Cool ways to use your photosCamden and I had a blast doing it together, especially since we were working on familiar faces. And you can’t beat that cute packaging!

You can order your own custom puzzle here and use code JOLLY20 for 20% off until 12/26.

Cool ways to use your photos

I have a horrible habit of losing all my water bottles.  When I saw that Staples had the option to customize a water bottle with any of your photos, I was thrilled.  When it arrived, I was even more excited because it looked even better than I had imagined.  The picture doesn’t do it justice. (You can use promo JOLLY20 on the water bottles too!)  Since my family is on it, it’ll be easier to keep track of.  This just might be a gift I got for myself ;)

Cool ways to use your photos

One little secret I love to share is that you can order your pictures on engineering prints to get massive sizes.  I love it because they are HUGE and inexpensive.  It’s basically just like printing a black and white image on normal paper, except that the size is much bigger.  You may remember me blogging about engineering prints from Staples here.  I did it again and was thrilled with the results.  On the website it does warn that it’s not going to be excellent print quality, but I think that’s because people are expecting it to look like a photo printed on photo paper, that’s not what this is.  I recommend uploading a large image size, I’ve used 9000 x 7200 px, and a high resolution like 300 pixel per inch.  I have also found that images that have more white than black tend to look crisper (I think my first one looked even clearer than the one below).  These you get from the regular Staples site.  I usually have to search “engineering prints” on their site to find them.

FYI: the frame below is a 16×20

Print your photos from Staples on an engineering print to get large prints for a cheap price, I'm talking like $2-$4

And who can forget the traditional photo gifts like your holiday card?  I was deeply impressed with all of the design features Staples had to offer. You can sort through card options based on color pallette, landscape or portrait orientation, number of photos, holiday phrases, optional designs on the back, and more.  You can find the design center here, and code HOLIDAY20 will get you 20% off until 12/26. The image below show the back and the front of our cards.

Staples has the cutest Christmas cards!

And finally, for my parents, we got them this sweet 8×10 canvas print of the boys. (Again, code HOLIDAY20 gets you 20% off.) Since they live out of state, I know they’ll love having this tender shot of their grandkids around whether they keep it at home, or at the office.

Canvas prints, great Christmas idea for all those photos you've taken.

One helpful tip when ordering is to double check all of the previews before submitting your order to be sure you like the final result and that the cropping is how you want it.  It’s also helpful to note that the holiday card website and the custom photo website are separate entities within Staples, so they will be two separate orders, even though they are both Staples products. The engineering prints you can order online or in store and have them printed at your nearest location–meaning you don’t have to pay shipping, which I love!

Happy holiday shopping! Hope you like some of the ideas from today!
Photo ideas for Christmas presents


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