DIY Sequined Plaid Shirt

DIY sequined plaid top // while camden sleeps

On Pinterest a while ago, I saw cute plaid flannel top that had a sequined yoke (the part of the shirt on the back between the shoulders). After searching forever, I finally found that it was from Express.  Unfortunately, Express no longer carries the top. But, with a little bit of craftiness, it’s not hard to make a sequined plaid shirt for yourself!

I started with a plaid shirt originally from Target, they have tons of options. Amazon also has a ton of excellent options.

I recycled my fabric from some old leggings, but here’s some fabric I think would also work for the yoke.

DIY sequined plaid top // while camden sleeps

It’s important to note that you want to cut your sequined fabric a little longer and wider than your pattern, so you can fold the edges in to give it a finished look. Where the yoke curves, it helps to cut little slits in the excess before folding it in so that it lays flat.

Overall, I’m pleased with my new sequined plaid shirt!
DIY sequined plaid top // while camden sleeps

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  1. This is so cute! I really wanted a top like this and now I can make my own! It was so nice meeting you this weekend at the conference, can’t wait to check out even more DIY fashion ideas!

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