DIY Tiered Lace Skirt // While Camden Sleeps
Hello Friends!
I made this fun skirt for Valentine’s Day and loved how it turned out. Because lace is fairly complicated, I feel this is more of an intermediate level, but still somewhat easy! Let’s start off with the materials you’ll need.
DIY Tiered Lace Skirt // While Camden Sleeps
I recommend finding the longest width lace you can because that’ll mean less work for you. I only needed two tiers of my lace to get my desired length. If I was working with lace that was only 2 inches wide, it would take about 12 tiers to get my length. (I picked up this lace from the Goldenwest Swap Meet in Huntington Beach.)
Elastic Band
I prefer a thicker band for this skirt because it provides more support. This one is great.
Knit Lining
I got a slightly lighter color because the contrast adds dimension to the skirt. I made my lining a separate skirt completely, so I can wear it alone if I want. I just use it as a slip of sorts under the lace skirt. I love knit because you don’t have to finish the hem if you don’t want to, and the stretch is always forgiving.

Now let’s get started!  Click the Next button to see how we put this thing together!

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