When I was growing up, we only got to pick something out from a toy store once a year.  And it was always for our birthdays.  We went to other stores that carried toys throughout the year, but that special visit to the toys-only store was a big deal.  There’s something magical about an entire space dedicated to fun, imagination, and creativity.  As I entered the doors to Teton Toys with my children, I felt every bit as excited as they did and it brought back memories of those special trips from my childhood.


Teton Toys is a locally owned toy shop that recently opened in Lehi, Utah.  (They have one other location in Jackson Hole.) We could literally spend the whole day in the store.  It’s packed with everything from sea monkeys to wooden toy guns.  We had a good laugh at the artificial mustache kit, and had to drag Camden out of the endless Lego section.


At one point, Eli found a shopping cart his size.  He started pushing it, and when he realized I was following him, he began to run.  I literally had to chase him around the store before I could catch up to him.  I’ve seen moms bring these mini carts to the grocery store with them to keep their older kids entertained.  Genius.


If there are any board games you want, they have them.  Lava lamps? They have them.  Costumes? They have them.  Stuffed animals?  They have them.  Basically, if there are any toys you want, chances are, Teton Toys has them, and in every color.


tetontoys1 tetontoys

Of the many exciting things in the store, Camden was especially excited about all of the Avengers action figures.

tetontoys11 tetontoys8

In the end, he decided to get some magformers.   He had played with them at his cousin’s house recently and was excited to find them at the store. If you haven’t used these babies before, they are amazing!  Think: magnetic building blocks.  I play with them just as much as my kids do.  We bring them to church every Sunday to keep the kids quiet and it works.

tetontoys10 tetontoys13

Teton Toys has been gracious enough to offer anyone 10% off their purchase just by mentioning this blog post.

Go check them out!  You’ll have a blast and probably find something awesome while you’re at it.