Hawaiian J-Slips

Last month it was “homeless week” at BYU.  This is the week when your current housing ends, but your new housing hasn’t started yet.  Seeing herself in a predicament, my sister Sabrina moved in with us for a short stay until her new apartment was ready.  The whole time she was here, I couldn’t help but notice that she wore the same sandals everyday and they went perfectly with whatever she was wearing–dresses, shorts, pants, etc.

I decided it was time I try these babies out seeing as how they meet my usual requirements for what I call my “I’m a cool mom” clothes. The requirements are as follows.

  1. Easy to put on.
  2. Easy to match with other things.
  3. Easy to clean.

I’m so happy I tried these out because they are great!  This brand is called J-Slips and they are located in Hawaii (which I will proudly remind you is my birth state).

Hawaiian J-Slips

I have a sweet connection with the company, so they are giving me promo code 25Camden to share with you so you can get 25% off.

Guys, these shoes are currently listed at $10.99 so 25% off is crazy good.  You’ll be paying $8.25 for these babies!

Also, shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime, or have a total order over $49 of eligible items.

They also have three different colors Kona, Coconut, and Sand.  I got Kona (shown).  I recommend you check out their website so you can see more pictures and get some more information on the product.

I do want to point out that the shoes are entirely made of rubber.  For some reason I wasn’t expecting this, but it makes them super durable and waterproof.  Just thought I’d pass that on :)

Hawaiian J-Slips

I usually wear an 8.5-9 and I got an extra-large.  I’d say they run a tad on the small side since they have a narrow fit.

Hawaiian J-Slips

I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!