Cute modest one piece swimsuit.

I have been wanting to make a swimsuit forever and finally got brave enough.  I eased into it by starting with a refashion.  Below is the original swimsuit.  Granted, it’s really cute.  But my torso is quite long and the tiny bandeau strap wasn’t doing a sufficient job.  Long story short, it kept falling down.  IN PUBLIC.  So I decided the swimsuit needed to be tossed or altered.

Swimsuit refashion

I was planning on making a tutorial of how I made this swimsuit, but let’s be honest–SO MANY MISTAKES.  I had a ton of alterations that it just wasn’t worth documenting.  Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to post a swimsuit tutorial, but today’s not the day people.

Cute swimsuit back. #modestswimsuit #swimsuit refashion

I think my favorite part is the lace-up back.  It really helps ensure a proper fit. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see exactly how it fits since Thelma, my dress form, has neither a butt, nor legs, nor a crotch, so the suit doesn’t exactly fit her to perfection–but does give you a pretty good idea.

Another unique feature is that the straps can be expanded to cover your shoulders.  This is great if you get sunburned.  It also works well for easy wear out of the water if you just throw on some high waisted shorts or a skirt.

Versatile swimsuit. Wear the straps as a halter or expand to make capped sleeves.

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