Transitional Maternity Pieces from Pink Blush

Disclaimer:  That is TOTALLY a fake bump (if that wasn’t obvious).

I really have to hand it to Pink Blush for making clothes that look cute whether you are rocking a big belly or not.  I got a few items from them back when I was pregnant with baby #2.  And while most of my maternity clothes get thrown in a storage box after the baby makes its debut, my pieces from Pink Blush stay in my closet because they can do both.

Ladies, get you some clothes that can do both–maternity and regular!

The tunic above is actually a dress.


I instantly loved the style of this bell sleeve boho dress.  Throw a belt on it to emphasize your waist when you have one, and wear it alone to show off your bump when you have one.  There’s several different color options as well.

*I did add about 2.5 inches to the inner lining of the dress to make it end closer to the lace trim.  Totally not necessary, but I’m 5’9 and prefer some extra length.

Starting February 9th at 12 noon,  Pink Blush and I are giving away $50 to their store on my Instagram.  Enter here!