DIY Mermaid Crown Tutorial

A little while ago I posted about a mermaid costume I made using fabric from JOANN’s.  Today I’m sharing a quick video tutorial on how to make this mermaid crown to go with it.  The base of the crown is made from a visor.  I simply removed the brim and used the band as the foundation.  I had so much fun making this and was surprised by how fast and easy it was.  The shells do make it quite heavy, so I recommend having some bobby pins on hand to help secure it in the back.


Here’s the video tutorial.  Let me know if you have any questions!  I recommend changing the settings on the video so you can watch it in HD.

Here’s a look at the complete costume I made.

DIY Mermaid Costume--maternity style ;)
DIY Modest Mermaid costume using supplies from JOANN

Craft Recap:


Mermaid crown tutorial. She uses a visor with the brim removed as the base.