Yes.  Yes, I do.

Cute maternity hoodie for fall from @shoppinkblush

Hoodie c/o Pink Blush Maternity

I always find it funny when people say to me, “You don’t even look pregnant from the back.” Does anyone look pregnant from the back?  I have yet to see that.  So I always want to turn and say, “But do I look pregnant from the side?” Because I do my friends, I really do.
Cute maternity hoodie for fall from @shoppinkblush
It’s almost like a special effect, when a pregnant woman flips around and BOOM! There’s the belly. Mine has gotten quite large lately, which has made me a bit of a point of hilarity in my house. My boys love talking about my huge fat belly and I love to make them laugh by doing goofy pregnancy dances. We are pretty much always silly over here.

Cute maternity hoodie for fall from @shoppinkblush
While my belly is huge and feels ridiculous, it’s nice to have some cute maternity clothes on hand that make me feel normal and cute again. I have a ton of cute maternity clothes from Pink Blush Maternity, and they are always my favorite maternity pieces. I recently picked out this floral hoodie for fall and I kind of sort of might possibly be wearing it EVERYDAY.

Cute maternity hoodie for fall from @shoppinkblush
It’s so comfortable and I love how long it is. I never worry about my belly poking out in it.
The other item I got recently is this beautiful delivery robe. In case you have never had a baby, you might not know that you are pretty much in a robe for the few weeks following delivery. Between nursing and all the post-partum things your body goes through, there’s really not much of a reason to put anything on that you can’t quickly change and nurse in. I’m going to be living in this robe, so I’m thrilled that it’s so cute.
Maternity delivery/nursing robe

It also makes for a great baby shower gift.Maternity delivery/nursing robe

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