Pink blush maternity top
Last weekend, we decided to take the kids bowling. I threw on this cute Pink Blush top because I knew the length would cover my belly during all of my crazy bowling stances and movements (we get really into it). I was extra lucky that I wore this maternity top because I ended up stepping over the line–literally, and it had my back…or err.. my front.

Our little two year old decided to basically place his bowling ball on the lane. It took like 10 seconds for it to roll four feet. I knew we would be waiting forever for it to get down to the pins and since we paid by the hour, and I’m a firm believer of being wise for your money, I decided to do what I always do–take matters into my own hands.

However, I kind of forgot that between my own hands sits a ginormous baby that makes me quite unstable. So when I lunged one foot onto the lane so I could reach the ball and give it a little shove, I immediately found that the incredibly waxy surface of the lane combined with my current lack of abdominal muscles could only led to disaster. In this case, disaster resulted in my jazz-splitting on the bowling lane, while laying on my back, and laughing so hard I cried.

It was embarrassing. It was either laugh from the ridiculousness of it, or cry from the pain. I obviously chose the former. Which was good considering I had about 10 other people joining me in laughter.

But I learned my lesson, don’t take your toddlers bowling. Just kidding, actually the lesson is “don’t underestimate the waxiness of the lane and overestimate your ability to stabilize yourself.”

But perhaps there’s a bigger lesson derived from all of this. Sometimes life is like stepping onto a bowling lane. At times, you might instinctively know that something is not a good idea, but for some reason, you decide to do it anyway. And when the consequences come, you simply have to own up to the fact that you brought that something upon yourself. And when you do, may you be able to laugh through the pain like I did.

Pink blush maternity top

Also, if you want to see a pregnant lady belly dance, or you just need a good laugh, please see below.

Here’s to the last few weeks of pregnancy, when you start to lose your filter…and your sanity. ????. (Top from @shoppinkblush )

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