Free personal progress tracking printable!
Wahoo for freebies! This printable was designed my my awesome friend Rebekah. Not only did she create the printable above, but she has some sweet new products out as well.
Super cute Personal Progress booklet from Etsy. Every page is gorgeous!

Rebekah is a master graphic designer.  Seriously.  She learned how to create beautiful images using Paint.  Yes, I’m talking about the old school computer program you probably played around with in your elementary school years.  She continues to wow me with her beautiful creations.  You may remember her temple artwork from a previous post.  She has recently teamed up with her sister to create an exquisite line of products in their newly launched Etsy shop, Schwen&Dieter.

My favorite item from their new line is this gorgeous “MOMents” journal
Cute motherhood journal from Etsy. Already printed and ready to go! Promo code on this webpage.It’s purpose is to make it quick and easy to remember the sweet little things that happen on a daily basis.
It’s been a game changer for me because it makes the task of journaling so simple and quick.  I love having one and plan on using them for future mother’s day gifts and baby shower gifts as well. I love that they come already printed, so I don’t have to do all the work printables usually require.

Their other new item has been one of Rebekah’s dreams to create ever since she was a teenager.  It’s the complete Personal Progress booklet, just in beautiful journal format.

Super cute Personal Progress booklet from Etsy. Every page is gorgeous!  It’s a great way to get your girls excited about completing their Personal Progress.  As my mother always said, “Presentation is everything.”  And this booklet is really quite inspiring just to look at.  And again, it’s already printed and ready to go for you! Take a look at how cute it is!

And finally, the freebie we all know you came for!  The super cute printable Personal Progress Tracker can be found here.

And, use code Kara10 to get 10% off these items!