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I’ve keep finding myself admiring the projects my friends have done using pom pom trims. I decided it was finally time for me to jump onboard with the trend! With the 4th of July in mind, I made these cute and patriotic pom pom shorts. They’ll be great as a coverup when we go swimming or head to the beach. I also whipped up a matching shirt using my Cricut machine. All the supplies I used can be found at your local JOANN or


Materials for pom pom shorts:

DIY pom pom shorts with @JOANN and kwiksew k4181. #handmadewithJOANN

In order to help you sew along, I created some quick videos as I made the shorts.  Before you cut out your fabric, you may want to adjust the length of the shorts by altering your paper pattern.  I chose to make my shorts an inch and a half longer than the original design.  To alter the length, simply follow the directions in the video below.

Once your fabric is cut and you are ready to begin sewing, follow the directions included in the K4181 envelope. They have you begin by attaching the yoke to the back, then attaching a front and back piece via the leg inseam.  From there, you’ll attach your double fold bias tape.  If you need a refresher on how to attach it, or if you’ve never done it before, I’ve got your back girl!

You’ll repeat the same steps for the other leg. When both are done, you’ll attach them by sewing the crotch seam.  Sometimes this step can be a little confusing because theres so many things going on.  Be sure to double check everything before you sew so you don’t have the do it more than once.

Now it’s time to attach your pom pom trim using the marked dots to help you know when to stop.  I attached the trim on the inside of the shorts, so it’ll sit against my skin when I wear them.  See the video for exact details.

Now you’re so close to being finished!  All that it left is the waistband.  You’ll notice that I don’t have any videos for this part.  I struggled a bit.  Please learn from my mistake.  For some reason, my waistband ended up being WAY longer than the waist on the rest of the shorts.  I had to make some alterations to get it to fit, but it would have been a lot easier to just measure the top of my shorts, and make sure that the waistband matched that measurement before sewing the casings and attaching it.  Overall though, I’m pretty happy with how cute they turned out!DIY pom pom shorts with @JOANN and kwiksew k4181. #handmadewithJOANN

DIY pom pom shorts with @JOANN and kwiksew k4181. #handmadewithJOANN DIY pom pom shorts with @JOANN and kwiksew k4181. #handmadewithJOANN

Materials for shirt:

  • Cricut red heat transfer vinyl
  • SVG from etsy

The shirt took me all of five minutes to cut on my Cricut machine and iron on using the Cricut Easy Press.  It really adds to the total ensemble.

DIY pom pom shorts with @JOANN and kwiksew k4181. #handmadewithJOANN