I recently came across this jean jacket at Deseret Industries.  I thought it looked super cute…until I tried it on.  The sleeves, you guys, the sleeves.  They looked 100% outrageous on me because they puffed up too high on the shoulders.  While I think princess sleeves can look beautiful on some people, I have broad enough shoulders as it is, and they weren’t doing me any favors.  I also saw potential for some fun embellishment, so I jumped right in and purchased it.

I went directly from Deseret Industries (the DI as we call it here), and headed for my local JOANN.  There I picked up some fabric glue that I could use to apply some material as an embellishment.  The fabric I used is from JOANN’s new Giana special occasion line.  Here are the before images in all their glory.

DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann

Before I began, I gathered my supplies.


DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann

The first step involved carefully cutting the sleeves off right next to the seam.  Once removed, I applied Fray Check all around the arm band to ensure that fraying would not become an issue in the future.

DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann

To add the embellishment, I carefully looked over my Giana fabric, until I found a piece that would be the right sized applique for the back.  I then tediously cut off the extra netting around the embroidered parts on the top to make it blend more seamlessly with the back of the jean vest. DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann

Once I was satisfied with the shape of my applique, I used fabric glue to carefully adhere it to the denim.  I used weights (from home depot) for two purposes: 1. To hold fabric down onto the adhesive. And 2. To help me see where I had already applied the adhesive.

DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann

I repeated the same steps for the front of the vest.  My goal was to make it look like the flowers were blooming from the front yoke pieces.  I think it gives it a very boho chic feel.

I also used Fray Check on the embellishment fabric when I had to cut through the flowers.  I didn’t want them to fray off the vest in the future.  Once everything was dry and set, my vest was finished!  I love that I was able to turn an ill-fitting jean jacket into a custom embellished vest.  The jacket was $8, and my supplies were minimal since I already have most of them on hand.

DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann