The Ultimate 1920s Dress for the Best Price

Affordable 1920s dress! 13 colors and sizes XS-XXL.  Free shipping too!Today is an exciting day because I’m officially announcing that has become  I began this blog over 6 years ago when my first son, Camden, would take his many newborn naps.  Now, as a mother of three, including Camden that NEVER naps anymore, I felt the name just didn’t quite fit.  So I went to instagram with a poll, and the majority agreed that it was time for a new name.

The new name is a combination of my first and middle names.  I’ve been using “Kara Metta” on several social media channels for years since “While Camden Sleeps” was too long to meet their requirements–so it seemed like the natural choice.  To celebrate this new era in my blogging career, I’m going to be giving away a Cricut EasyPress on my Instagram later this week.  Be sure to follow me there @karametta.

Because this kind of feels like a celebration to me (I’ve been thinking about changing the name for years!), it felt fitting to share my favorite party dress with you that you can get for a steal!  It’s only $34 shipped!  It comes in 13 colors and sizes XS-XXL.  I love it!  Because this is a sewing blog, I did alter it a little and I want to show you what exactly I did.  I found the lining underneath to be a little too short–creating a gap of skin between the lining and the fringe.  All I did was add about two inches of black knit to the bottom of the lining, and I got the perfect dress!

Here’s the before:Affordable 1920s dress! 13 colors and sizes XS-XXL. Free shipping too!

And the after:

Super subtle, but I think it gives it a more polished finish.  I seriously LOVE this dress and plan on getting it in some of the other colors!  The fringe, you guys, it looks so cool when you move around.  I’m not the best at motion pictures, but you can kind of sense the vibe in the “action shot” below :)

Affordable 1920s dress! 13 colors and sizes XS-XXL. Free shipping too!

Get the dress here.

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