Tired of being a pedestrian for Halloween every year? With little time and minimal effort, you can go from boring, to costumed in about 5 minutes or less.
Caught in Bad Weather
This first costume is one of my favorites. I used some craft wire to make it look like Cam’s shirt was blowing in the wind. I achieved this by threading the wire through the hem of his shirt. I then grabbed some strong hair gel and tried to make it look like his hair was being pushed up by the wind. We reversed one of our umbrellas, and finally pinned a plastic bag to his pants. There is absolutely no wind in the photo below. Awesome.
Ridiculously easy last minute halloween costumes. No wind involved, just wire holding his shirt out, a reversed umbrella, and a bag taped to his pants.

Sleeping Beauty
A little play on words makes this costume both fun, and comfortable. Throw on some pjs and some rollers and you’re good to go. I made a “Sleeping Beauty” sash with my Cricut to complete the look. You could also wear a face mask, or bathrobe to further the ensemble.
Ridiculously easy last minute halloween costumes. Wear PJs and rollers and boom, you're "Sleeping Beauty." Love it. Mainly because you can wear pjs.

Wilson from Home Improvement
I used my Cricut to cut a paper fence, but you could always free hand it as well. I then attached the fence to a hat we had using some invisible thread. Kids probably won’t get this costume, but most people who remember the 90s will.
Ridiculously easy last minute halloween costume--Wilson from home improvement. Make a paper fence, attach to hat with string. Done! Heidi-ho neighbor-o.

Old Man
There is something so funny about kids dressed up like older people. This idea came to me from my super talented former neighbor, Aletha. I used flour to make Eli’s hair appear gray, then drew on some wrinkles using an eyebrow pencil. We put on his most grown-up clothes, and finished the costume with some dollar store reading glasses with the lenses removed. When Aletha did it, they went all out–making a walker out of PVC pipe and a wig from cotton balls–there’s a photo of it on my Instagram if you want to see it.
Ridiculously easy last minute halloween costumes. Old man--use flour to whiten hair, draw on wrinkles with an eyebrow pencil, and pop the lenses out of some dollar store reading glasses.

Have any other last minute ideas? Send them my way in the comments below!