Back at it again refashioning on another piece I inherited from my sweet Grandma Metta.  I like to take breaks between refashioning her pieces and thrifted items because it’s so emotional to work with her things.  It’s also a lot more stressful, because making a fatal mistake means one less piece I have from her.  While I worked on this dress, I would often stop and literally smell it because the smell made me so nostalgic.  It brought back childhood memories from her house, eating oatmeal with raisins and doing puzzles together in the front dining room.  At one point, while I was smelling it and crying like a crazy person, my husband walked it and had a moment of concern.  Then he remembered that it’s not out of the norm for me to cry, so he patted my back and was on his way.  He gets me.

I’d go into full detail on how I refashioned it, but you can see everything in the youtube video below. I like that the dress ended up having a slight western vibe at the end.  According to my infamous Instyle magazine, that’s all the rage right now.
Kara Metta // Refashion Series Ep. 5 The Metta Hawaiian Dress // I can't believe that's the same dress on both sides! I need to start giving my old clothes some makeovers.

Watch the full tutorial below!

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