Glam Seamless Clip-in Hair Extension Review

* Use promo code CAMDEN for 10% off your Glam Seamless order. I’ve been letting my roots grow out for a while now–especially on the bottom layer.  Because of this, my platinum extensions were no longer fitting the bill.  I figured I could dye the roots to blend them, but […]

No Heat Curls with Savvy Curls Headbands

I was contacted by Savvy Curls to try one of their curling headbands in exchange for a review.  I’ll admit, when I first received it in the mail,  I was a little skeptical. It seemed just like a normal headband, just thicker.  But when I gave it a try, I […]

Balayage Highlights using 7th Stage

Ever heard of balayage?  It’s the foremost trend for highlighting hair.  It’s name derives from the French word meaning “to sweep.”  It’s also considered a form of hair painting.  It can be done in various different application forms.  I’ve been researching it lately, and was excited to try it on […]

Updated! How I highlight my hair

A while ago, I shared my formula and application method that I use to highlight my own hair at home. I’ve been using this same formula for over 3 years now and have since done it on over 13 different people with success. I have decided that it was time […]

DIY: How to tint your eyebrows with Refectocil

*This post contains partner links. A while ago, I wrote a super crappy post about how I tinted my eyebrows.  Since then, I have started using Refectocil instead of the other product I recommended, and it is so much easier to use!  See the before and after picture above. I […]

Taming the Beasts: $6.99 Eyebrow Threading Review

What is Eyebrow Threading? Basically it’s a 6,000 year old way to remove unwanted hair using–you guessed it–thread. See more information on it here. Eyebrow Threading: What brought me to do it? About two and a half years ago I met my friend, Hayden.  She has a magical way with […]

How Aphogee Saved My Hair

**Disclaimer:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  It is a true story about how a product saved my hair after I made some incredibly dumb decisions. The Shame: How I took my emotions out on my hair I’ve debated about whether or not I wanted to post about this because […]

Jamberry Nail Review and Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway Some of you may remember my post about an easy way to paint your own french tips.  Unfortunately, those babies didn’t last more than a couple of days.  Here’s the comparison after a week. Right after my nails had started chipping, my friend Sylvia, who is a […]

How to Tone Hair Extensions

If you’re a blonde and you’ve ever purchased hair extensions you may know that they almost always carry a yellow-brassy tone.  This is because they are often bleached, but not properly toned.  If you do your own hair and don’t tone it, extensions may match your hair as they come. […]

How to Apply Clip-In Extensions using Sweet Extensions

After chopping off 8 inches of hair in February, I thought some extensions could be fun.  I got a set from Sara at Sweet Extensions, here’s how I wear them. You don’t have to have just one hair color to make it blend.  As you can tell from the pictures, […]

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