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Awesome diy fashion blog. She has a ton of refashions.

Refashion Runway: The First Challenge

I’m currently in a refashion competition called Refashion Runway, hosted by the Renegade Seamstress,.  Every week (that I’m still in the running) I’ll be posting a new refashion project. For the first round, the challenge was to combine floral and geometric/stripes. The before: This dress is actually a nightgown.  Since I’m […]

Before and after dress refashion by While Camden Sleeps

Lace Dress Refashion

As you may know, this last week I moved to California!  It’s been so much fun to have a change of climate and be so close to the ocean.  We’ve been spending all our time unpacking and hitting up the beach.  Camden loves the sand and water.  He keeps making […]

Dress refashion. She dyed the dress, then altered it. Great refashions on this blog.

One Refashion, Three Results

  About this dress: Store: Deseret Industries Price: $6 Brand/Designer: Jessica McClintock Sizing: My current size Some of you may remember me posting the before picture of this dress a little while back.  I already didn’t like the original color, but that dislike was amplified when I discovered it had […]

Golden Refashion Part Two: The Tutorial

  I wasn’t kidding when I said that I was really excited about the potential of taking any top and turning it into a dress bodice as I did in this previous tutorial.  When my friend Madison of Madison Larsen Photography talked to me about taking some of my maternity […]

Golden Refashion Part One: The After Pictures

I was so thrilled when I got my pictures back from Madison.  I decided to do a post just featuring the pictures because of how great of a job she did. You may remember the dress from this survey post on Instagram a little while back. I’m still going to post a […]

Refashion Blog Hop!

Vintage pillowcase upcycle by Sew Country Chick Large tee to adorable dress by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Rit Dye upcycle by While Camden Sleeps 15 minute tank upcycle by Raegun Ramblings Men’s shirt refashion by Made with Moxie Women’s tank & tee to girl’s tunic & leggings refashion by Andrea’s Notebook 15 […]

Box pleat skirt tutorial

Box Pleat Refashion

. You know how you make plans in life only to have them be changed drastically by your circumstances?  Like my goal as a 10-year-old to become an Olympic figure skater.  I had to quit that when I realized that I hated ice skating. Or my goal to have 13 […]

$10 Mint Maxi Skirt Deal and Refashion

For Mother’s Day I bought my mom a maxi skirt that she could wear to work; she’s an elementary school teacher, so practicality is a necessity when it comes to dressing.  She informed me that, in a rush, she threw it on and wore it to one of her faculty […]

Refashioning Sleeve Tutorial

I’m pretty sure the only reason why I bought the blouse in this refashion is that it is both pink, and chiffon–two things I have always loved.  The problem was that I never loved the fit of the blouse.  The sleeves were particularly an issue.  Luckily, that is an easy […]

Red Refashion Party

This week I discovered a new thrift store in my neighborhood where I scored the lace jacket above for $2.60.  I immediately decided to refashion it into a skirt.  It was way more complicated than I thought I would be, but I’m still going to share a quick summary. After […]

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