Refashion Series ep. 1 The Metta Dress

Refashion Series: Ep.1 “The Metta Dress”

When my grandmother passed recently, I learned that they were going to send all of her clothes to the DI.  I immediately asked if I could go through them first and I’m so glad I did!  There were many pieces that were already wearable, some of the others were perfect […]

WHILE CAMDEN SLEEPS // Silk dress refashion Tons of ideas on this site.

Silk Dress Refashion

I picked this dress up from a church swap meet.  I love to refashion items I get for free because if I mess it up, there’s really no financial loss.  This was my first time working with silk, so I was a little nervous, but you have to take some risks if […]

I made a swimsuit!

I have been wanting to make a swimsuit forever and finally got brave enough.  I eased into it by starting with a refashion.  Below is the original swimsuit.  Granted, it’s really cute.  But my torso is quite long and the tiny bandeau strap wasn’t doing a sufficient job.  Long story […]

Saving Money on Sewing Patterns

I’ve been sewing since I was eight and have loved it!  Unfortunately, it can be a bit of an expensive hobby. Today I’m going to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that have really helped me save some serious money while still enjoying sewing.  I’m […]

DIY Tiered Lace Skirt // While Camden Sleeps

DIY Tiered Lace Skirt

Hello Friends! I made this fun skirt for Valentine’s Day and loved how it turned out. Because lace is fairly complicated, I feel this is more of an intermediate level, but still somewhat easy! Let’s start off with the materials you’ll need. Lace I recommend finding the longest width lace you […]

Seamstress Gift Guide (items from Amazon)

I’ve been sewing on this blog for over three years now, while I still consider myself an amatuer when among the ranks of great sewists, I have definitely come to appreciate the materials it takes to create something beautiful. If your wife or daughter (or even your son) wants to […]

DIY Maxi Dress

Nichole and I met just after we graduated high school, during the summer before our freshman year of college. Due to a shared sense of quirkiness and a fond appreciation for random dance parties, we immediately became best friends. So when Nichole told me she was engaged, I was positively […]

She added 5 inches of length to this dress and lined the top. It looks gorgeous! I love finding clever ways to make things modest without looking tacky.

Making Modest: Adding Length to a Dress

When I saw this dress on the Modcloth website, I instantly fell in love.  I knew it would be a little short, and that the top was sheer, but I also knew that I would find a way to make it meet my needs.  I was a little surprised at […]

Final Week of Refashion Runway: Asymmetrical

The competition is coming to an end, voting came be found HERE. Thanks a million!   So I have a confession to make, for every challenge I go a little on the crazy side and research everything.  I think it’s the teacher in me.  I look up definitions, histories, and […]

Refashion Runway Week 5: Boho Chic

The competition is getting really tight! If you like my refashion, please help me out and vote for me HERE. Thanks a million! Every item of clothing has a story to tell.  This is especially true for thrifted finds.  As I approached the theme for this week, I wanted to […]

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