Check out my brother-in-law’s audition!

Everyone,  My brother-in-law, Nic, is auditioning for American Idol via youtube. He is seriously so talented. His sister, Jacque, and I always joke that one day he will become a huge recording artist and make more money than all of us. It could really happen though.  Check him out:   Oh, […]

MaskCara IIID Foundation in Medium Review

I apologize that this turned out a little blurry.  Not sure why.  If you haven’t heard of Cara Brook from MaskCara yet, I suggest you check her out. She’s a talented makeup genius with a gift for making everyone want to be her best friend.  She also recently launched her own […]

Using a Twin Needle

I just discovered twin needles and am excited to share them with you. A twin needle is what it sounds like, two needles that fit in the place of one.  My sewing machine is not super fancy.  In fact, it was $80 from Walmart.  That link is the exact one […]


  In most healthy women the average is about a 15-20% chance [of having a miscarriage]. –AmericanPregnancy.org   My Personal Experience After trying for a couple of months, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our second child. This is Camden, our first child, back when we […]

California Trip

My little family just came back from California where we celebrated my husband’s graduation.  Here are some of the highlights. Cam and his cousin sharing a stroller.  They’re only 4 months apart and looked so stinking cute sitting side by side. Camden’s little cousin is sad because he scratched her […]

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