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Red Refashion Party

This week I discovered a new thrift store in my neighborhood where I scored the lace jacket above for $2.60.  I immediately decided to refashion it into a skirt.  It was way more complicated than I thought I would be, but I’m still going to share a quick summary. After […]

How to Apply Clip-In Extensions using Sweet Extensions

After chopping off 8 inches of hair in February, I thought some extensions could be fun.  I got a set from Sara at Sweet Extensions, here’s how I wear them. You don’t have to have just one hair color to make it blend.  As you can tell from the pictures, […]

Eight Dollar Store Beauty Hacks

In my youth, I developed a passion for saving money wherever I could so that I could save for more important things, like candy and college. Over the years, this has led me to be a huge fan of dollar stores–as long as they were actually dollar stores and not […]

Check out my brother-in-law’s audition!

Everyone,  My brother-in-law, Nic, is auditioning for American Idol via youtube. He is seriously so talented. His sister, Jacque, and I always joke that one day he will become a huge recording artist and make more money than all of us. It could really happen though.  Check him out:   Oh, […]

Gold Dipped Mason Jar

I know there are a ton of posts out there about ways to decorate a mason jar; but I just couldn’t help myself.  Here’s my own take. I created this diagram to show you the different steps.  It was really easy. DIY Gold Dipped Mason Jar You will need: a […]

DIY Foolproof French Tip Manicure

I’m not particularly an artist, and painting my own french tips was always a struggle until I was hit with a bright idea.  I was shopping at a local dollar store and came upon some garage sale stickers.  Because they were small and round, they made the perfect stencil for […]

Forever 21 Pastel Spring Accessories Under $15

Another roundup of sweet deals.  This time featuring pastel accessories from Forever 21.  Everything is under $15!  My favorite are the sunglasses for only $5.80.  Check it out! Pastel Spring Accessories from Forever 21  Top to bottom, left to right. Princess Earrings $5.80 / Opulent Necklace $13.80 / Hair Ties $4.80 / Striped […]

DIY: How to take in a large dress

I originally shared this project on Brassy Apple.  Today is my day to share it! Also before and after highlighting my hair :) Today’s refashion shows the power of tailoring clothes to fit your individual body.  Refashioning doesn’t always mean that you have to completely change something–traditional altering can often […]

Tutorial: DIY Sunhat Refashion

Hey Friends! On a recent trip to Dollar Tree, one of my favorite places on earth, I was ecstatic to find some plain sun hats.  Crafting can be an expensive hobby, so when you find something craftable for a dollar, you have to jump on it. I made like a […]

DIY Dry Shampoo: Only requires baby powder!

One day in fourth grade I woke up far too late.   I threw on the only clothes I could find which were, unfortunately, a tie up shirt and some hand-me-down overalls.   I tried to curl my bangs, but accidentally curled them the wrong way so they resembled a half […]

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