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DIY Kimono

This post is a collaboration with JOANN. All opinions and ideas are my own.   This diy kimono is a fun, short sewing project! You're only pattern piece is one rectangle used to make a large back piece, and two smaller front pieces. My pattern rectangle was 18...

Multi-use Nursing Covers

Ever unintentionally flashed people while you tried to nurse???‍♀️???‍♀️? #beentheredonethat Nursing is risky business. Well, that is, if you’re the kind that likes to keep yourself covered. Those of you who just go for it—power to ya, wish I was brave like you. ??...

Spring Denim with JOANN and McCall’s M7544

This post is made in collaboration  with JOANN.  All opinions and thoughts are my own. You know how celebrities get early samples of all the designer clothes?  Well, I got a little taste of what that feels like when my friends at JOANN sent me some samples of their...

Large Modern Farmhouse Bookshelf

I went to JOANN last week to pick up some sewing supplies. I happened past the home decor section and my mind was blown!  There was so much cute stuff!  I ended up spending over an hour picking out decor items to redo my large bookshelf. I then had all of 15 minutes...


My name is Kara, and I’m so excited that you’re here!  Please take a moment to look around and check out some of my latest sewing and refashion projects.


Refashion Series

 In these episodes, I take old, outdated clothing and transform them into something new and beautiful.


Questions?  Comments?  Wanting to collaborate?  Please reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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