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My name is Kara, and I’m so excited that you’re here!  Please take a moment to look around and check out some of my latest sewing and refashion projects.


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Refashion Series Ep. 10 The Overall Dress

Picked up this overall dress at Savers.  I think it was $10 or $12, but it was half off.  I was really excited about its potential!I loved the olive green color because it works beautifully as a neutral.  It just needed a little updating to make it...

How to read a Sewing Pattern

When I first starting sewing, I thought patterns were for pansies. Whenever I did use one, I figured I knew what I was doing, and didn't bother with the directions or envelope information.  I was a dress size 6, but when I cut the pattern size 6 out, it was always too...

Refashion Series Ep. 7 The Convertible Bow Top

I wore this dress at Snap conference last year for the '80s prom party.  I had actually forgotten to bring the dress I wanted to wear, so I ran to Deseret Industries and bought this dress between sessions.  I knew I'd never wear it again, so it made sense to give it a...

Refashion Series

 In these episodes, I take old, outdated clothing and transform them into something new and beautiful.


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